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    Default parsing an xml file and executing an XPATH querry


    I have an xml file

    My goal is displayed only the part when the text is equal. This code display all the file

    if i try this code, it doesn't work

    Java Code:
    XPath xpath = XPathFactory.newInstance().newXPath();
                String expression = "/postes/poste";
                InputSource inputSource = new InputSource("postes.txt");
                Node nodes =(Node) xpath.evaluate(expression, inputSource, XPathConstants.NODE);
    the error message is on this line `Node nodes =(Node) xpath.evaluate(expression, inputSource, XPathConstants.NODE)`; `inputSource can not be resolved`

    and if i try this code

    Java Code:
     XPathFactory xPathFactory = XPathFactory.newInstance();
                // To get an instance of the XPathFactory object itself.
                XPath xPath = xPathFactory.newXPath();
                // Create an instance of XPath from the factory class.
                String expression = "/postes/poste[gouvernorat=text]";
                XPathExpression xPathExpression = xPath.compile(expression);
                // Compile the expression to get a XPathExpression object.
                Object result = xPathExpression.evaluate(R.raw.postes);
                //Evaluate the expression against the XML Document to get the result.
    The error is in to lines `xPath.compile(expression);` and `xPathExpression.evaluate(R.raw.postes);`

    i added this import javax.xml.xpath.*;

    but it doesn't work

    I Try DOM Parser but it doesn't work also ; i can't read the file

    please help me

    Thank you in advance.
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