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    Default Hide Object in the Taskbar when Frame is down to Tray

    Hi Everyone,

    I've a new Question. I've implemented SystemTray functionallity to my app. I'm able to minimize or maximize or close my app. But when I minimize the Frame the object in taskbar is still there. Is it possible to clear the taskbar from this object when I send it to tray. I used states to min- and maximize (iconfied, normal).

    Thx for your suggestions


    I should say, I'm working with Linux. When I minimize the Frame the object gets a little transparent. May it be not there if I would use Windows?
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    not possible using a JFrame, but you can use a JWindow

    What about setting hooking the defaultcloseoperation to hide_on_exit?

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    Lightbulb Java SE 6 release includes a new system tray API

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    ...(snip)...What about setting hooking the defaultcloseoperation to hide_on_exit?
    New System Tray Functionality in Java SE 6
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
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