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    Default How can you escape a String in order to make it reg exp parseable?

    Use case: Say, that you are programatically generating a bunch of files for which you use as prefix the file's name, because you need a way to know which generated files relates to which source file (which you would do then with a reg exp), but, for example, on a wikipedia entry such as:


    apparently the "(" and ")" and also the French characters é, ç, seem to be problematic while running a reg exp in java

    Algorithm is working fine with all other cases.

    There is a way to escape html mark up in urls. Is there a similar way to espace strings intended to be used for regular expressions in Java?

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    Default Re: How can you escape a String in order to make it reg exp parseable?

    In Java Strings are UTF-8 - also the regex I think. Are you sure that you have problem with the above string if you read it in correctly?

    Maybe you can check out encoding the string to HTML using the Apache Common library or similar. Check this out:
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