I have few questions related to Java web service.

1) I wrote a hello world webservice using Eclipse IDE, using JAX-RS and RestEasy. The server I used was WildFly 9.x. I deployed war file on the RHEL server and it ran fine. My question is, I used eclipse's `Dynamic Web Project` feature to create this webservice and generate a war and it was not the "Maven project" generated war file. I have read online that `Dynamic Web Project` related stuff is eclipse IDE dependent and Maven project related approach can run independent of any IDE. Hence wondering, how come my `Dynamic Web Project` related `war` file worked on the RHEL server using WildFly 10 over there? Also, there wasn't any error related to WildFly version error because locally I used version 9.x on Eclipse and on RHEL I have 10.x installed.

2) My second question is if I deploy a war file which was generated using Apache tomcat on my local eclipse, would it run on the RHEL server with WildFly or JBOSS AS 7.1 version installed?

3) Can I create a web server locally using Spring on Eclipse, Apache Tomcat and deploy the war on the RHEL server where JBOSS 7.1 is installed? OR in order to deploy war file, it has to be generated using JBOSS server only on my local setup?