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    Default Enigma machine - any tips?

    Hi guys,
    I want to make a project with a simulator of an enigma machine, the one used in the world war 2, but i actually don't know where to begin, because i don't know java very well.
    Here's how it works :

    In particular, having an array like that char[] sRotor = {'G','N','U','A','H','O','V','B','I','P','W','C',' J','Q','X','D','K','R','Y','E','L','S','Z','F','M' ,'T'};, how can i say, in few codes, if a letter is x, turn it into y, if a letter is z, turn it into t... This for all the letters, creating like pairs.

    Then, talking about the rotors, when someone presses a letter, the first rotor should move, changing completely the code; when the first rotor changes from 26 (the last letter of the alphabet) to 1, the second rotor should move. Obviously, the same for the second and the third rotor. How can i write that?

    Excuse me for my english, i'm italian :)
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Enigma machine - any tips?

    How can i write that?
    Spend some more time designing the details of the program before trying to write it.
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    Default Re: Enigma machine - any tips?

    because i don't know java very well.
    What exactly do you know? Do you know how to take user's input? initialize variables? manipulate Strings? Also knowing how the characters are stored and some information about ASCII code would be very useful here.

    Give us what you have already done (code) and where did you stack and we will be able to help you.

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    Default Re: Enigma machine - any tips?

    First, if this were advanced java you wouldn't be doing it (by your own words). In any event, it will take more than a few lines of code to do this. But the first thing you need to do is to fully understand how the enigma machine worked. This is best done by working thru examples by hand using paper and pencil.

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    Default Re: Enigma machine - any tips?

    These link have examples you might be looking for to get you started. Maybe even peek at the code for inspiration.
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