Dear all,

I am going to implement the blackbox class "messagePool". Details are as below. I just want to implement it so that the whole application can run.
// Call messagePool
Java Code:
Dac dac = GenericDac.getInstance();
String result = dac.getMessagePool().getMessage(languageCode, key);

public abstract interface Dac extends{
      public abstract void init(javax.servlet.ServletContext arg0, java.lang.String arg1, java.lang.String arg2, java.lang.String arg3, java.lang.String arg4) throws com.jos.adf3.core.exception.DacInitException;
	  public abstract com.pool.MessagePool getMessagePool();
public class GenericDac implements Dac{
	private com.pool.MessagePool messagePool;
// How to Implement MessagePool ????????????
Java Code:
package com.pool;
public class MessagePool {
	public void init(String MESSAGE_LOADER_CLASS){
	public String getMessage(String langCode, String msgId){
		return "";
// assign values to messagePool (FastMap) in initialize
Java Code:
sLanguage = (SLanguage);
sMessageList = systemManager.getMessageByLanguageCode(sLanguage.getUuid(), session);
messageHashMap = new FastMap();

if (sMessageList != null) {
	Iterator messageIterator = sMessageList.iterator();
	while (messageIterator.hasNext()) {
		sMessage = (SMessage);
		synchronized (messageHashMap) {
			messageHashMap.put(sMessage.getMessageCode(), sMessage.getMessageValue());
messagePool.put(sLanguage.getLanguageCode(), messageHashMap);