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    Default use string from db column as img src for thymeleaf?

    Hey people what is going on?

    What I am having trouble with is I am trying to display a list of items from a "inventory" on a view and I want to use one of the columns to save URL's for image sources. So far I have it to where It will display all items saved in the table, But I am having trouble pulling out the string from the imgUrl column. Can I get some help please?

    In the ViewController I have an ArrayList<String> that I haven't used yet. But I started with the idea of I will just add all the URL's to here but then I thought that if I start looping through nested lists in the view that its not going to produce what I am looking for.

    Any suggestions as to what I should try next?

    Java Code:
    			<div th:unless="${#lists.isEmpty(items)}">
    				<dl th:each="item : ${items}">
    				<dt class="itemInfo">	
    				<span th:if="${}" th:text="${}">ID: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${ eq null}">No ID available</span> <br/>
    				<label>Image URL:</label>
                                    <!-- here is where I try to add the image -->
    				<img th:src="@{item.imgUrl}"
    	         		src="${item.imgUrl}" width="350" height="200"/>
    				<span th:if="${item.imgUrl}" th:text="${item.imgUrl}"></span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.imgUrl eq null}">No image available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.size}" th:text="${item.size}">Size: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.size eq null}">No size available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.designer}" th:text="${item.designer}">Designer: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.designer eq null}">No description available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.description}" th:text="${item.description}">Description: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.description eq null}">No description available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.color}" th:text="${item.color}">Color: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.color eq null}">No color available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.type}" th:text="${item.type}">Type: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.type eq null}">No type available</span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.price}" th:text="${item.price}">Price: </span> <br/>
    				<span th:if="${item.price eq null}">No price available</span> <br/>
    				<div th:if="${#lists.isEmpty(items)}">	
    				<p>You have no items in your inventory</p>
    Java Code:
    	// inventory view
    	public String inventory(HttpSession session, Model model) {
    		List<Item> itemList = item.findAll();
    		ArrayList<String> itemsImgUrlList = new ArrayList<String>();
    		for (int i =1;i < item.count(); i++) {
    			String id = itemList.get(i).getImgUrl();			
    		if (itemList != null) {
    			model.addAttribute("items", itemList);
    		boolean hasUserRole = hasUserRole();
    		boolean hasAdminRole = hasAdminRole();		
    		if (hasUserRole) {
    			session.setAttribute("userrole", hasUserRole);
    		else if (hasAdminRole) {
    			session.setAttribute("adminrole", hasAdminRole);
    		return "inventory";

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    Default Re: use string from db column as img src for thymeleaf?

    Why do you want to add the URLs to a separate List?
    You already have the URL, in the Item.
    I'm not sure what you expect to gain?
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    Default Re: use string from db column as img src for thymeleaf?

    yeah I had that same thought and stopped. I figured out the problem though. It is in the img src for the th:src. I used the @{} instead of ${} . I did that becaue from how i understood the documentation on their website I thought I was supposed to use the @for href and I was using an random image from the internet so I think thats why I associated it together. I changed it to a $ and now every thing works fine.

    Now I am working on figuring out how to upload images to my web app.

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