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    Default Java Extract PDF data from location XY

    Anyone know of any classes that would allow me to input a pdf, convert it into a image format, locate data at XY-XXYY (rectangle) and convert to readable text?
    Heres the scenario :
    I need to read PDF bills and extract 5 fields worth of information to be inputted into a database. The PDF's can be generated from any application eg : Pastel Accounting. The XY-XXYY locations for the data to be extracted will be called from a database. Any suggestions or help?
    I have tried the method of converting to a HTML document and reading the absolute positions but the problem Im having is if a amount is right aligned 1000.00 will have a different XY to 100.00 for example. Aswell because the PDF is a invoice/bill I cant say read the 20th line from the top cause each item will increase the amount of lines so this is unreliable.

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    There are many links to read from and write to pdf. Check the following links
    1. Java libraries to read and write PDF files
    2. Open Source PDF Libraries in Java - iText
    3. "" is just an example.

    iText is the most commonly used one.
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