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    Default Joda time threading

    I have an application that uses multiple threads to access logic. I am using joda time to compare dates because joda time is thread safe. Below is the example method I am using. My question is being that joda time is thread safe, does it matter whether or not I am using a static method rather than an instance method? Should I use one or the other? Any help would be great.

    Java Code:
    public static boolean isDateEqual(Date checkedDate, String targetDateString) {
            boolean passed = false;
            if (checkedDate != null && targetDateString != null && !targetDateString.equals("")) {
                DateTime checkedDateTime = new DateTime(checkedDate);
                DateTimeFormatter fmt = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("MM/dd/yyyy");
                DateTime targetDateTime = fmt.parseDateTime(targetDateString);
                if (DateTimeComparator.getDateOnlyInstance().compare(checkedDateTime, targetDateTime) == 0) {
                    passed = true;
            return passed;

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    Default Re: Joda time threading

    It doesn't matter.
    What matters is whether your code is using any shared variables from outside of the method, and it isn't, at least nothing that's not part of Joda.
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