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    Default Accessing startup programs

    Hello everyone. I have been searching for anything close to what I am trying to accomplish, although I've had less success and decided to consult more experienced users with Java.
    I am developing a GUI application which should include a "kind of" startup program manager. In other words, I would like to know whether Java has access to the Windows startup / boot preferences, as they can be accessed with msconfig.exe on Windows computers. Is there a way to do this without leaving my GUI itself? Such as include a group of checkboxes in my GUI and select which programs should start or not start?

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    Default Re: Accessing startup programs

    Java is cross platform and so does not provide such Windows specific features. Whatever you do, native code is going to be involved to get this done. Either an existing third party library that someone already built (I know of none, but google might) or you using JNI to access a native module you wrote and compiled yourself.

    In this particular case I'd really consider using .NET / C# for your purposes. Java really isn't the tool for this job.
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