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    Default JavaMail-Crypto Decryption Example

    Hi All,

    I am looking for some example snippets where i can see JavaMail-Crypto api doing the decryption of the encrypted email and its attacment.

    I have an encrypted email and the private key, i need to know how the api suports in decrypting the email content and attachment?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: JavaMail-Crypto Decryption Example

    I've given it some time before I answered.

    Let me guess what has happened so far.

    - You googled "javamail encryption" and each and every of the few relevant links you got pointed you to javamail-crypto
    - each and every link you found mentions "there is this thing called javamail-crypto", but nobody seems to actually have ever used it; just like you they just found it using a google
    - the main page shows no documentation as "the code is the documentation"
    - now you come here as the last hope that someone might be able to point you to something

    I'm going to make two personal assumptions.

    - you don't know anything about using Java to do public/private key encryption/decryption or using BouncyCastle
    - you were looking for a quick API to not have to learn that very difficult topic either and javamail-crypto is what looked to do it for you

    At this point I'm going to crush your hopes. I did the Google too and from my experience with finding even the most obscurely hidden information, I'm pretty sure it is not there to be found. I'll scrape a few observations from the sourceforge page to backup my claim.

    JavaMail-Crypto Homepage

    - "the code is the documentation" (that's ALWAYS a red flag; I don't use jars which work like that)
    - "Its in development"
    - last updated: 2004

    This was pretty much a pipe dream of someone but he/she never pushed it to something finished. These kind of dead-on-arrival projects don't actually exist to give you something read-to-use, they only exist to share the source code so you can pick it up and use the code for your own purposes. That requires you to know the material.
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