I'm creating a system that will inter-react with opteva cash dispenser. The original system came with firmware and another program which was used to send commands to the dispenser, openSafeDoor and so on. The file is a .dll file and also it fire commands like this: AFD0300 CDMOpenSafeDoor to open the safe door the dll sends the xfs commands but I'm trying to use the jpos to do that.

My problem is configuring it to read the jpos.xml file , creation of xml file I don't have a clue how to create it as I've said the opteva uses the xfs so there are a already configured files which are .xsd but the dispensing one is aafd they also using AMI so I'm trying to work around that or perhaps make my app using jpos. At the moment when I debug it is produce "Control not Opened" error.

Any help I'm making this work?