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    Default Wait for external application to close

    I am writing a console application that is to make use of the system editor on *NIX. For that I have written a method which writes a string to a file, launches an editor to change that file, and then reads the file again. The problem is the call to run the editor doesn't wait for that application to have closed.

    Java Code:
    Runtime.getRuntime().exec(editorcmd + " " + tmpfn);
    I need the program to wait for the editor to have finished.
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    Default Re: Wait for external application to close

    What kind of research did you do to solve this issue?

    Did you look at the documentation of the Runtime class to have a closer look at the exec method? What does this method return? Did you check that class, too? These are some straight forwward steps in my eyes that quickly leads to a valid solution.

    Just try these steps and tell us if you have problems finding the solution.

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    Default Re: Wait for external application to close

    This is the only research you need:

    When Runtime.exec() won't | JavaWorld
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