Do you have any idea on how to fix the problem with the not working links after „saving as“ in Acrobat?

The PDAnnotationLinks/goToPage-action/ PDPageDestination(PDPageFitHeihtDestination... doesn’t matter) –

If you create a copy of a document using „save as“ option, than the links in the new document are empty – no properties, no destination.

It seams that acrobat overriding the actions. The with acrobat created links remaining only.

Besides the COSArrays of the Destinations created in acrobat manually and automatically using pdfbox are slightly different.
It’s a big Problem if you cannot save the document under other name without links being destroyed.

I Think if I pass to the PDDestination create(COSBase newbase) the COSBase that looks like the manual created than the action with destination
will be remain. But how to create such a COSBase Object? I don't figured it out. Have you maybe?

Many Thanks in advance for your answers