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    Default Why i m not receiving correctly the SMS over length of more the a page Using AT Cmand

    i m working on the SMS receiving using AT Commands using JAVA. i m getting the message of one page correctly using AT commands, but as i increase the size of SMS as 2, 3 or bigger pages the alphabets are converted to some thing like this

    +CMGL: 0,"REC UNREAD","+923028910082",,"14/05/10,19:32:40+20"
    4469616C202A3334352A393333232061757220536972662052 732E3230206D65696E20332064696E206B6120696E7465726E 65742028333030204D422920686173696C206B6172656E2120 7777772E776170747269636B2E636F6D2070657220736F6E67 73206175722067616D657320656E6A6F79206B6172656E2120 42616C616E636520636865636B206B206C7965202A39393923 206D69

    whats the problem i m not getting the right text which i have sent through my mobile phone.
    please help me out it very urgent

    my function of receiving SMS is as follows

    public void send(String cmd) {
    try {
    } catch (IOException e) {
    public void recieveMessage() throws InterruptedException, IOException{

    send("AT+CMGF=1\r"); //send ok if suport txt msg

    send("AT+CMGL=\"REC UNREAD\"\r"); //return list mesgs received on gsm modem

    byte[] readBuffer = new byte[2048];
    try {

    InputStream inputStrea = null;
    int numBytes =;

    //print response message
    String st=new String(readBuffer);


    } catch (IOException e) {

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    Default Re: Why i m not receiving correctly the SMS over length of more the a page Using AT C

    You already posted an identical question in the 'New to Java' forum; it's weekend so be a bit patient; the forum is slow during those days; and it might be urgent to you, it isn't to us. I'm closing this thread.

    kind regards,

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