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    Default Joone - AI using Java

    I have been trying to learn AI, specifically Joone. There is not a lot out there to read. I have been reading Introduction to Neural Networks with Java by Jeff Heaton but my main issue is getting some ideas on how people persist the network that is created to a database. It is almost impossible to find anything on that.
    If anyone has seen anything about it I would appreciate the links.
    Many thanks.

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    Remarkably simple, list of ordered pairs, that would be a trail of x-y positions. These represent as well verticies in a graph. It is possible to trail the moves of a large number of Agents using a list(s) of positions visited. Probably a separate list for each agent, a list may constitute a path. Each agent only has an x-y or other varaible describing a position in Time(t). Do not try to do a lot of 5-th Dimension and so on, non-trivial Dimensions are devastators and increase needed processor power vastly and render work ineffective in rapid fashion. Telephony has some knowledge of how to work dimensionality effectively.

    I will read the cited work if you think I should but the field is developing rapidly as we speak and many books are taken to market well before substantial completion of in-depth effort. Most people buy the book to put on the shelf, not to spend ' a semester ' in detailed work. For real work in the arena, you should go directly to the front. You may be wise to take notes in html for a possible work of your own in the matter. AI is very potentially powerful, not all it's uses are known.

    I just bought "Algorithms in Java" (Robert Sedgwick) {Addison-Wesley} and the book is better than anything else I have found by such a definite separation that it is definitive for what the work should be.

    I found a site yesterday:

    Mark Watson's Open Content Free Web Books

    very exceptional. Also "Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach" Peter Norvig and Ravi Mohan is the classic, contemporary text on AI - Sedgwick's book concentrates on the Algorithms ~ making some notational remarks about their use in AI. Charles River Media has several books on AI. The one I am using is remarkably clear. For a work that is normally dressed in the wordy ways of wordsmiths the Charles River Publisher is a welcome respit.

    Google came up with ten pages of AI books on search-term: Artificial Intelligence. I suggest the Inter-Library Loan system until you get a better colony underway. I have begun looking into Elsevier and Springer-Verlag, but I would invest in Charles River Media, I would not spend money on others without review at bookstore first. I had a librarian tell me tasks like that is exactly what ILL is intended for.
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