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    Default Project Nashorn

    What do the forum regulars think of Project Nashorn? How do you feel about the fact that it will now be somewhat legitimate for people to come here and ask questions about JavaScript?

    I think it's an abomination.
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    Default Re: Project Nashorn

    I am not certain what the concern would be. If someone asks a question on JavaScript now, we usually tell them this is a Java forum. But someone else may actually answer the question. Do we ban/warn the responder or the OP? Whatever action is taken should not necessarily change if this project (which I had never heard of) evolves. Similarly, I typically don't answer questions on C (regarding JNI) or SQL or XML even though Java supports classes that support those areas of computing. I would assume there would be a new forum added to this site to cover it.

    Edit: Well, having just read the What's new in Java 1.8 it appears that Nashorn is included.

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    Default Re: Project Nashorn

    Why? Nashorn is an upgrade for Rhino, already available since Java 6 I think. Nothing changed really, only the way it is implemented (as a native JVM language in stead of a library).

    I don't really see people asking questions about Groovy or Scala either.

    In any case most Javascript related questions will still be "Javascript in a browser" related, and those are still 100% off-topic. I've always found it a gray area if they are asked in the servlet/JSP forums though... do you stick to only Java web tech and APIs or are those kind of forums about doing web development with the help of Java? I wouldn't be so restrictive myself.
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