We are using apple profile manager 2 on mac 10.8.5, the issue we are having is as follows.

In the configuration of a device group under the restrictions payload, the setting to restrict applications is checked, in the allow applications list Jar launcher and Java web start has been added. On the client side once logged in with a managed user profile and launching a website that requires java to run, permission is denied. If you uncheck the restriction setting, save and push the changes, java is granted.

A lot of directory paths have been added to the whitelist of application to no avail, if you can help with this issue it would be deeply appreciated, I feel that I may be looking to deep to resolve the issue when the answer is relatively simple.

This is for a group of MacBook’s used by students at an elementary school that take them home, and must be compliant with CIPA. Certain sites for educational and testing purposes require java to run, and for obvious reasons these clients have to be managed.