In my application i have a list of records coming from database (DB)

say 'Family members' of an employee

it appears on page like :

sl no. member_name relation Action
1 john son delete
2 marry daughter delete

[Add Another Family Member]

Now we have an option of dynamically adding a row

Problem :

1 . suppose I add 4 more family members till serial number 6 (2 records are already exists in database )
and then delete any one of records by clicking action delete button for corresponding row , it deletes that entry from database but also all entries that were dynamically added
also gets lost due to page reload .
how to retain the dynamically entered values ??

2 . here comes one more issue , i have a serial number column in database and employee code as PK ,
now the requirement is if any record in middle is deleted , the serial numbers must maintain order .. i.e if record having sl no 3 is deleted
the the subsquent records must be re numbered as 3,4,5 ...

How to renumber the serial numbers ?

Please do help ,