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    Question How to Calculate Data Transfer Speed

    Two machines are connected in a LAN & Sharing Files in between them.
    Everything is Working Fine but now i want to calculate the Copying Speed/data transfer Speed between them Please help

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    Default Re: How to Calculate Data Transfer Speed

    • Establish a connection to the server.
    • Take a snapshot of the time (recommend using System.nanoTime())
    • Start the transfer. When the transfer is done (thru some means detected by the API),take another snapshot of the time.
    • Then close the connection.

    Data transfer speed is (bytes transmitted)/(elapsed time).

    Note: This gives average time for the transfer which includes any anomalies or impediments offered by
    the source and destination (such as busy end systems). To evaluate transfer rate of the network it is
    best to do it as close to the participating interfaces as possible (which is not usually readily available).
    Individual packets or groups of packets may be faster or slower depending on network dynamics.

    There also may be better ways supported directly by the API you are using.

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