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    Question How to combine mysql and java?

    Hello all,
    I am sandeep...
    I have prepared a product for my client which requires Java and MySql to be installed on his computer, it is a stand-alone application(so no web server required), but the problem is that the client wants everything to be installed on a single click..(I mean that he doesn't want to install Java and MySql separately and set the path and classpath) he just wants to run the complete application as a simple setup file, Is it possible? If so, how? Please help....

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    It is possible, but i don't know how....

    One of the example is the ASI FrontDesk Freeware 2007...

    Maybe there is an executable program that handles the requirement to install directly the MySQL...

    But, have you heared about SMALLSQL?
    It is a pure java API that is similar to MySQL, the advantage is, you can embed it directly to your program... no need a server, the disadvantage is, other application cannot access the file concurrently unlike MySQL, but you can access those datafiles externally....
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