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    Default class AbstractActionExt which extends AbstractAction

    The AbstractActionExt, here you can find the code:

    I believe by creating an object "someActions"
    of yet another class which extends AbstractActionExt,
    I could say someAction.setSelected(true);

    Sure someAction would be inserted eg at a radio button constructor first:
    JRadioButtonMenuItem rb = new JRadioButtonMenuItem(someAction);

    The problem is I can not get the radio button selected!

    I have a menu and a toolbar and much of the user interface appears on both.
    I'd like to copy a selection of the menu onto the toolbar and visa versa, and that is quit a problem!

    As menu items I use toggle and radio buttons (as a group).
    At the tool bar you'll find toggle, radio buttons and two combo boxes.

    All runs on Actions and I managed to get the result of all the actions (four) in one single object which shows the state of the UI.

    What could I do since I only have the four action arrays and not the references of the components it self?
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