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    Default Model-View-Controller

    I'm working on a project logging system. I am trying to build a well designed piece of software and so I want to try and implement the Model-View-Controller architecture. I am trying to fully understand what all the parts are. Clearly the View is the GUI aspect, and I am going to build it with SWING. The other two parts I'm a little confused about exactly what they are.

    From what I understand the model is strictly the primitive data types that the controller preforms it's processing operations on and the data that the View displays. On Wikipedia it seems like it is saying that the model is a little more then just primitive data types. Then there is the controller and from what I understand, it is where all the data manipulation, and algorithms for the GUI occur.

    If anyone could clarify the components of the MVC architecture patter it would help me out a lot.

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    M: Model ( All Logic here, Layer b/w Dao and Controller, controller will call Model and Model will call Dao to access DB )
    V : View ( to render, e.g. JSP, Freemarker, Velocity )
    C: Controller ( this will generate the View based on some logic )
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