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    Angry Hangman GUI Problem

    I am having an issue with the GUI of my Hangman game, i had it to where it was drawing everything, but it was all incorrectly done and the background was transparent and it was just a mess. So i've revised some of my code and now i'm at the point where the bottom bar is properly displaying (Where the buttons and such lie) but it's not drawing anything else. It won't draw the "*"'s the characters the hangman panel, or anything else. Can somebody please help me? My code is here

    Here is also an image of what it's doing:
    Hangman GUI Problem-help-2.png

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    Default Re: Hangman GUI Problem

    You realise all someone here is going to ask to see is the code that is not doing what you expect?

    Don't forget the [code] tags [/code].
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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    Default Re: Hangman GUI Problem

    ... besides that, if you dump it on an external site like pastebin you are excluding lots of people who are being a corporate firewall/proxy from assisting you because they'll be blocked from reaching the source files. Always post the relevant part of the code in the forum itself, no matter which forum you post to.
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