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    Default Algart - OpenSource universal Java library

    During last 7 years, I created a large and universal Java library, AlgART, for processing arrays and matrices. For a long time this library had proprietary status, but recently we decided to make them open-source. So, I'd like to present them. Anyone can use them without any restrictions (MIT license), and, of course, I'd be glad to comments.

    Here is the home page of AlgART library:
    AlgART Java libraries: smart arrays and matrices

    I'm sorry that documentation and set of examples are pure yet; however, almost all classes and methods are thoroughly documented via JavaDoc (you may read full JavaDoc at my site). All sources are available via zip and BitBucket: see the site. Main features are 63-bit addressing of array elements (instead of Java standard limit 31 bit), memory model concept, wide usage of lazy evaluations, wide set of image processing algorithms, built-in multithreading optimization for multi-core processors; see details at the site.

    I'm sorry if I accidentally violated some rules or traditions of this forums by this post. If here is more suitable section for this, I ask moderators to move my message there.
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