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    Default Regex to match and return all anchor tags in a string

    I do not have the flexibility to use a html java library for this and am trying to do this purely with regex, so...

    I'm trying to write regex to take an input string and return results of each anchor tag that is found. For example, in the following string, it should return 3 results:

    This <b>is</b> a test <a href="link1.html" data-modal="sdfdsf87ds87fdsf8bds8fb">string</a> example to <a href="link2.html">parse</a> and return <a class="someclass" href="link3.html">some</a> anchor tag results.
    My expected results are:
    1. <a href="link1.html" data-modal="sdfdsf87ds87fdsf8bds8fb">string</a>
    2. <a href="link2.html">parse</a>
    3. <a class="someclass" href="link3.html">some</a>

    I'm trying to test this at Regex Tester and the problem I'm seeing is that my regex ( <a (.+)[^<]*</a> ) is selecting everything from the start of the first anchor tag to the end of the last anchor tag and I can't seem to figure out how to split these apart.

    Any suggestions so it returns each tag as a separate result in the match array?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Regex to match and return all anchor tags in a string

    You need to specify a non-greedy modifier.

    Try this "(<a .*?</a>)"

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