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    Default SWT application behaves unexpectedly when changing Windows DPI value

    Hi all,

    the problem that I'm facing with is that when I'm changing the values of DPI in personalization->display->custom dpi to a value greater or equal with 110%, my widgets are not fully visible anymore. I'm setting the height and width of the label via .setLayoutData(). When the dpi values are back to normal, this problem never show up. My operating system: Windows 7 x64, SWT libraries: Eclipse IDE version: Eclipse RCP Kepler, Java: 1.6

    This is how I am setting the layout data of my label
    Java Code:
    public GridData buildENodeBTopLabelGridData() {
                  eNBTopLabelGridData = new GridData(SWT.FILL, SWT.FILL, true, true);
                  eNBTopLabelGridData.heightHint = 17;
                  eNBTopLabelGridData.widthHint = 200;
                  return eNBTopLabelGridData;
    And this is how my widgets look before I change the DPI (default values -> 100%)
    SWT application behaves unexpectedly when changing Windows DPI value-capturewhennormal.png
    And this is how my widgets are looking at a greater value of DPI (110% in this case) SWT application behaves unexpectedly when changing Windows DPI value-capture.png
    What am I doing wrong?
    Sorry if I've made mistakes regarding the place where to ask a question or the format of my question.
    Thanks in advance!
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