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    Smile How to set a max response time in webservice client

    I have a query regarding writing a standalone Webservice Client class to access a webservice.
    I am deploying this on weblogic server. I have a webservice running on the server.
    Suppose for example I have a service as shown

    public class SimpleService
    public String getTest()
    int i=1;
    String str = null;
    str = "Hi Hello";
    return str;

    Now by Using my Webservice Standalone Client class I am calling this Service.
    This service will be called but never returns the String as the return string is in infinite loop.
    But my Standalone client class is waiting for the service even for hours and not throwing any exception.
    I dont want want it to wait for more than a minute, if the time period exceeds a minute my client code should
    print a message. How can I handle this situation in my client class. Please help me.

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