Hello i have problem to display monthly sales using ireport. I want to display the report like this.
Monthly Sales Report in iReport-view.png

But in iReport i don't know how to make like that. The date is fully one month 1-31, and in my sales table in DB, i just have the data with sales information in spesific date.

I use this query to generate my report in iReport.
Java Code:
SELECT trans_date
,  Sum(CASE WHEN pay_type= 0 THEN total ELSE 0 END) AS Cash
,  Sum(CASE WHEN pay_type= 1 THEN total ELSE 0 END) AS Debit 
,  Sum(CASE WHEN pay_type= 2 THEN total ELSE 0 END) AS Credit 
,  Sum(total) AS Total
   FROM tb_detail_transjual
   GROUP BY trans_date
And report preview like this :
Monthly Sales Report in iReport-view2.png

Because data in my database just 2 records.

Please help, thank you :)