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    Default Java program idea - Calender with subscribe function

    Hello Java Forums
    Just to give a short introduction: I'm 22 years and I study Computer Science in Denmark currently on third semester. I've learned Java and SQL.

    Shortly about calenders:

    Calenders are smart, many people have a calender which they use daily; other people don't use a calender at all, some of these people might not because it seems like more trouble than it's worth to manage one.

    Some people use an old-fashioned physical version, some people have a calender app on their smartphone, and others use a calender program on their pc. Calenders are here to stay, they're not going anywhere, dates and times are becoming more and more of an issue in most peoples life, especially the part of managing it is a struggle for many.

    About my idea and how it occurred:

    So, I'm one of those who don't use a calender, simply because I can't be bothered with typing in the event and time in my calender app on my smartphone, I'm too lazy to do that I'll admit.

    But yesterday, as I was browsing a forum, I entered a thread about the upcomming movies in 2014, with people showing links to imdb, trailers and such. I quickly realise there's actually quite a lot movies in 2014 I want to see.
    Now the problem is, there's not release date for most of them, and the thread I'm looking in will be gone from the first pages of the forum in a few days, and I'll eventually forget about most of these movies, although I'd like to see them.
    It would be great, if I could somehow subscribe to something, and be updated automatically as each release date is announced. But how would this work?
    This is where my idea starts; now, if I had a personal online calender(either phone app or pc program), which I could use as a standard calender, typing events in for dates manually, but with the extra feature of being able to 'subscribe' to services of my own wish; then I'd suddenly have lots of purpose of managing my own calender.

    The way I imagine the subscribing part, is that the services I'm subscribing, will be able to add new events/reminders in my calender.
    Etc. if IMDB had a movie announcement service, people with this calender app could subscribe to it, and when a release date for a movie is official, the people managing the IMDB movie announcement service updates all subscribers calender with an release date event added to the date of the release. Maybe getting an event added for each new movie worldwide would be annoying, so obviously there could be added a filter where you choose only to have your calender updated with the release dates of movies you choosed, or limited to one or more genres, actors, producers etc.
    This way you get updated automatically, and don't have to sit and do all the work of checking up on when there's a release date announced.

    But there's tons of other options:
    Starting a new education, or just a new semester on your current education? Well simply subscribe to the schools scheme for your class, and you'll get your calender updated with dates and times for every class lesson. Teacher is ill and have to cancel todays lessons? The teacher simply uses his/hers mod-login for the schools calender service, and updates every students calender for the classes for which it's relevant.

    Want to watch Tour De France, but only the mountain stages, which you're not sure on what days is happening? Simply subscribe to a Tour De France service and choose to the filter option they've made(we're playing with the idea that this app is real and popular), to pick the types of stages you prefer, and get your calender automatically updated with the exact dates for each mountain stage, time it starts, and maybe even link to the stage profile.

    Invited to a birthday party? Check your calender, and simply add the date of the birthday as an event like you would in any other calender.

    Annoyed that you've subscribed so many services that your calender feels spammed by all the added events, and you now have trouble finding the birthday event you added, when you want to check up on time? Well, choose the filter option for your calender, and choose 'family and friends', or 'parties'. Or maybe you want a good overview on all stages in the Tour De France you're planning to watch, choose the filter that limits shown events to only those from the specific service you choose, in this case the Tour De France service.

    You live in a country with unique holidays? Simply subscribe to the official holiday service of your country and you won't forget a holiday again.

    You want to be up-to-date with discount sales on your local shops, well a service for updating subscribers with this info could be made as well.

    I could mention more options of use, but I think the idea and potential is clear now.

    This program could work on its own, linked with facebook, linked with your e-mail, or even all of these as options, by your own choice.
    Many people are currently liking sites on facebook, mainly to be up-to-date with the new events, releases and such. There's also a tendency for this in Twitter, and some sites already got a subscribe function, where they send you e-mails to notify you about upcoming events, discount sales, releases, and such.
    But with this calender, all of this could be combined into your own personal calender automatically!

    If I'm going to pursue the idea of this project, I'm well aware that it'll require a good amount of time and coorporation with others. Currently, I simply want to share my idea and get some input and thoughts on it from other people. That is what this thread is made for.
    On my fifth semester, there's no class lessons, because it's meant to be where you find an internship, with a company you can work for and learn from by putting your theory into practice. But there's also the option of working on your own project, if it meets the required criterias and gets accepted by the school. I'm thinking a project this size, could very well be accepted, and it would open up for the possibility of that I can get fellow students from my class to join me on the idea.
    This program is a gamble in therms of making it worth the time used on developing it, but if I where to work on it as a school project, it wouldn't feel that way, since passing my fifth and last semester would be an acceptable result on its own, and that should be possible even if the program won't be a success at all.

    Also, I'm aware there's probably tons of similar functioning services to this, but I have yet to see a calender where you can subscribe and combine everything in a smart way like I'm thinking for this program idea. But you're of course welcome to mention programs I could find inspiration from, and from which I could get answers to some of the things I'm considering.

    Even if you got nothing to comment on this, thanks for reading through.
    But of course I hope to get some responses :)
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