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    Default Graphs with Ireport

    In these days I was investigating and learning iReport and the truth before to make reports from the code, the difference really is great.I searched I could not manage to create a graph. In the notes what I found they said to me that it puts the graph in the report summary. and that when it does it would appear to me an option to qualify Scriptlets, soon to choose “Yes”, but never it appeared to me east message.

    My query (SQL) is simple.

    Java Code:
    select name, count (*) as counts
    from categories c, agents a
    where c.idCategory = a.idCategory
    group by c.idCategory
    order by c.idCategory
    I create a graph (foot 3D), in data of the graph (chart dates), I have 2 lapels “DataSet” and “Details”, in this last one I add in Key Expression $F{name} and in value Expression $F{counts}. I am not safe of what values it is necessary to put in “Key Expression” and in “Expression”.

    In some notes that I also read is the series of data, although still on 3d I do not have it or it does not appear to me. In “DataSet” I do not make changes, although I proved to change a little to see if it worked. In aim the registries appear, but the graph no! I have version 1.2.5.

    Marcus :cool:

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    JfreeChart is a very good and simple API for graphs

    Please check this:



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