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    Default Help me out, Game sound delay

    Java Code:
    import javax.sound.sampled.AudioInputStream;
    import javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem;
    import javax.sound.sampled.Clip;
    import javax.sound.sampled.DataLine.Info;
    import javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent;
    import javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent.Type;
    import javax.sound.sampled.LineListener;
    import javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException;
    import javax.sound.sampled.Mixer;
    import javax.sound.sampled.FloatControl;
    import static javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent.Type.OPEN;
    import static javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent.Type.STOP;
    public class GameSoundPlayer implements LineListener {
    	private Mixer mixer;
    	private boolean errorLoadingMixer;
    			private int delay;
    	public GameSoundPlayer() {
    		//get the system default mixer
    		mixer = AudioSystem.getMixer(null);
    		if(mixer != null) {
    			try {;
    			} catch (LineUnavailableException e) {
    		errorLoadingMixer = true;
    		System.err.println("Error initlizing mixer!");
    	public void appendSound(InputStream sound, int delay) throws Exception { 
    		//check that our mixer has been loaded correctly
    		if(errorLoadingMixer) {
    			throw new Exception("Mixer required!");
    		 AudioInputStream stream = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(sound);
    		 Info lineInformation = new Info(Clip.class, stream.getFormat());
    		//check if the mixer support the audio file
    		if(mixer.isLineSupported(lineInformation)) {
    			this.delay = delay;
    			Clip clip = (Clip) AudioSystem.getLine(lineInformation);
    	public void update(LineEvent line) {
    	try {
    		Type type = line.getType();
    		Object source = line.getSource();
    		if(!(source instanceof Clip)) {
    		Clip clip = (Clip) source;
    		if(type == OPEN) {
    			if (delay > 0) {
    		} else if(type == STOP) {
    		 } catch (Exception e) {

    I'm trying to delay specific sounds according to the int delay, however it also delays every other sound with lower delay played at the same time:

    Java Code:
    			if (delay > 0) {

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    Default Re: Help me out, Game sound delay

    I don't really know what this code does because you haven't posted an SSCCE, but assuming this is being run on the EDT, calling sleep() is a very bad idea.
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