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    Default Setting up SSL in Java using csr, .jks and key file

    We are using a webservice url. For accessing this url, client told to setup ssl and provided us with three files certreq.csr, keystore.jks and private.key.

    Generally using java I know to setup ssl by setting the keystore and the password in System property.

    Without the password, I'm not sure how to setup this SSL in my server so that I can communicate with the client webservice url.

    As far as my understanding, without password it is not possible to setup the ssl. Is there a way to setup the ssl using the above three files?

    Kindly help me

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    Default Re: Setting up SSL in Java using csr, .jks and key file

    Keystore file can be create from .csr and FileName.key using Open SSL commands.

    First you need to generate .cert file using Open ssl command. Then generate Keystore.p12 file. Finally, you have to import your Keystore.p12 in to jdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts
    Rakesh Mehta

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