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Thread: Retrieve from DB and display in JSP

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    Default Retrieve from DB and display in JSP

    Need to retrieve the data from database table(say "details" table) and display it in a jsp page(say table.jsp).

    In table.jsp i have fields,name,dob,sex,address...and from the "details" table i got to take all the data and display it in jsp to the respective fields..

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: Retrieve from DB and display in JSP

    Thanks for what exactly? You're not asking a question, you're just dumping some requirements. What are you stuck at?
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    Default Re: Retrieve from DB and display in JSP

    Hi, follow the below steps:

    In Servlet:
    1. Get all the details from table: details(, name, dob, sex, address...) for particular record using JDBC concept.
    2. Store the details(which are retrieved from resultSet object) in collection object like ArrayList and add this to request object.
    In Jsp:
    1. Retrieve the arraylist using iterator concept and add these values to the corresponding fields.
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