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    Default Download spreadsheets from a website

    Hello guys,

    I am a data analyst and I want to download spreadsheets from a site.

    The site looks like that, that a lot of spreadsheets are on the site and below there is a next button.

    However, I want to download all these sheets to my local computer.

    I have looked for web scrapping lib, but I am very inexperienced in such an operation. Therefore, it would be extremely kind if you could help me with my problem.

    I appreciate your answer!

    btw the site is: [Moderator edit: link removed]
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    Default Re: Download spreadsheets from a website

    Are you sure it's legal to do that? Did you ask the owners of the site for permission? You'll be eating up lots of bandwidth depending on the size of the files. If you just go ahead and rip their site down... in my case I'd feel like I'm taking their good will for granted and basically spitting on it.

    In any case why do you need a Java thing for this? Just download a tool from the web that does this and be done with it.
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    Default Re: Download spreadsheets from a website

    Thx for your answer!

    I am sure that it is legal, because this is open government data!

    If you know a good tool that does that, it would be extremely kind, to recommend it to me.

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