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    Default printing with count on linkedlist-JAVA error correcting

    private void displayFlowers() {

    int count = 0;

    if(start == null) { System.out.println("\n List is empty !!"); } else { Node tail = start;

    while(tail!= null) {keep boolean[] counted= new boolean[getName.length];2 for(int i=0;i<name.length;i++)2 { boolean isUnique = false;2 and 1 if(!counted[i]) {isUnique=true; count=1; counted[i]=true; for(int j=i+1;j<name.lenght;j++) {if(name[i]==(name[j])) {count++; counted[j]=true;} } } if(isUnique) {System.out.println(name[i]+"- "+count+"\n");}}} boolean isDistinct=false;1 Node name=start;1

    while(name!=tail){1 /* Node prev=tail.getnext; while( tail.hasNext()) ; if(name==prev); if(prev==next); dups++; previous=next;*/ /* if(name.equals.tail.getNext());1 1 name=+count;1} else{1 isDistinct|=!name.getItem().equals(tail.getNext()) ;1 isDistinct=true; name=name.getNext();}1 System.out.println("name" +isDistinct);/I don't think that this is correct.1 REMOVE if(isDistinct)isDistinct++;1*/ KEEP IF DOESN"T WORK tail=tail.getNext();} System.out.println("Flower number("+count+") , node value="+tail.getItem().getName()+"\tFlower Color "+tail.getItem().getColor()+"\tHas Thorns " +tail.getItem().isThorns()+"\tSmell: "+tail.getItem().getSmell()); count++; * tail /= tail.getNext();

    }}}I have a linked list and I am trying to print how many from each node I have...For example..If I have entered the item Fries 5 times I would like for it to print 5-Fries in my code. The printing portion is the only thing I am needing help with.

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    Default Re: printing with count on linkedlist-JAVA error correcting

    Please go through the Forum Rules, particularly the second paragraph.


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