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    Post Convert HTML file into JPEG


    I want to convert a HTML file into PNG image. My HTML page has IMAGES as well.
    For this I'm using html2image java library.
    When I'm converting my HTML file, the images are broken.

    HtmlImageGenerator imageGenerator = new HtmlImageGenerator();
    imageGenerator.loadHtml("<p>test test <b>test</b> xxx <a title='test\" link' href=''>link<br/>link</a>xxx xxx</p><img width=\"820\" height=\"347\" alt=\"ביטוח ישיר\" style=\"width: 820px; height: 347px;\" src=\"\"><br/><img width=\"820\" height=\"132\" alt=\"ביטוח ישיר\" style=\"width: 820px; height: 132px;\" src=\"\">");
    imageGenerator.saveAsHtmlWithMap("/temp/test2.html", "test2.png");

    Output of converted Image:
    Convert HTML file into JPEG-test2.png

    Please help me to convert html pages (along with images) into PNG file.


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    Default Re: Convert HTML file into JPEG

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