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    Question Alternative to ProcessBuilder

    I want to run the command below in Java.

    D:\> ipconfig > test.txt

    ProcessBuilder seems to be a fine answer, but it is not.
    ProcessBuilder does not support pipe.

    I tried the code below.

    List<String> commands = new ArrayList<String>();
    ProcessBuilder processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder(commands); File("D:\\Test"));
    Process process = process = processBuilder.start();

    I expect the result where test.txt is created under the D:\\Test.
    But the file is not created.

    I want to know an alternative method.

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    Default Re: Alternative to ProcessBuilder

    The tips in this article apply equally to processes launched using ProcessBuilder: When Runtime.exec() won't. Make sure you read all the parts.

    Also, go through these links:
    BB Code List - Java Programming Forum - Learn Java Programming

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    Default Re: Alternative to ProcessBuilder

    No native process supports a pipe nor IO redirection; it's a shell (cmd.exe or bash or csh) that does that; you have to start a shell with your process as an argument and you have to feed all that to an exec( ... ) method.

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