Hello fellow programmers,

I do some trading and use popular Scottrade platform (java based). At the end of a day, I have a list of symbols from which I wish to see their charts. At the moment, in order for me to view a chart of a stock, I need to type the symbol name in an user input upper right corner of the chart (java app window). Assuming the charts remain in the place in my monitor. Is there a way for me to simulate taking the mouse to the input box and take a string (symbol name i.e. "INTC") and have it automatically input the string in the input box and hit return to display the INTC chart? I assume the macro or program will have to know the position of the mouse to pinpoint the area where the input box is and paste the symbol in the input box.

So...fellow programmers is this achievable. If so, can you point me on some examples of code for me to do this?

PS. It does not need to link to an excel file, I can create a list of symbols in .txt or .csv format.

Thanks in advance for reading and responding to my message.