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Thread: object switching with event listener

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    Default object switching with event listener

    I need your help. I'm making a controlling program that use Wiimote, and I need to make 2 different type of control. each controller code is defined in the class controlType1 and controlType2 (which the #2 isn't included here, but mostly it is the same with #1).

    the Idea is, when I press certain button on the WiiMote, the controller switched from type1 to type2. I've instantiate 2 objects, and it should removes the listener of one of the object when the button is pressed and change it to the other object.

    currently, I've gone this far and get stuck here. any Idea how should I do this?

    Java Code:
    public class WiiDroneControl implements ControlSwitchListener {
    	private Wiimote wiimote;
    	private WiimoteListener control1 = (WiimoteListener) new controlType1(this);
    	private WiimoteListener control2 = (WiimoteListener) new controlType2(this);
    	public WiiDroneControl() {
    		Wiimote wiimotes[] = WiiUseApiManager.getWiimotes(1, true);
    		if(wiimotes!= null && wiimotes.length > 0)
    			wiimote = wiimotes[0];
    	public void onSwitchEvent() {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
    and the other class

    Java Code:
    public class controlType1 implements WiimoteListener{
    	ControlSwitchListener listener = null;
    	public controlType1(ControlSwitchListener l) {
    		listener = l;
    	public void onButtonsEvent(WiimoteButtonsEvent e) {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
    		if (e.isButtonOnePressed())
    			//switch object when this button is pressed

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    Default Re: object switching with event listener

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    Default Re: object switching with event listener

    Hmm. Personally, I'd put a onButtonsEvent(WiimoteButtonsEvent e) into WiiDroneControl and make that one the only listener while also making a third WiimoteListener object called "activeController". In that method, I'd first check if e.isButtonOnePressed() and switch activeController to the one that isn't active, and if any other button is pressed, pass on the WiimoteButtonsEvent to the active controller.

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