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Thread: Python to Java Partyguest

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    Default Python to Java Partyguest

    Hi I would like to converte that Python Code to Java Coud someone help me with a converting and a few comments:

    You are at a party with n people. One party guests start a rumor about another party guest.
    Every person who hears the rumor tells a it to another person and avoids to tell the person person from whom the speech is. If someone already knew the rumor, and this gets retold, this person does not spread the rumor further.
    The simulation should repeated and calculate 100,000 times and how many people on average learn the rumor.

    Thanks all so I have to change the guest to n people not 51

    import random
    guests = 51

    def simulation():
    Gaeste=[False for x in range(0,guests)]
    Sum = 0


    listeners = random.randint(0,guests-1)
    if Gaeste[listeners]==False:
    Gaeste[Zuhoerer] = True
    else: break

    for x in range(guests-1):
    if Gaeste[x]:
    Sum += 1
    return Sum

    Summe = 0
    for x in range (100000):
    average = Summe/100000


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    Default Re: Python to Java Partyguest

    This is not a site where you ask others to convert code for you. Please feel free to try to code this yourself, and if you run into problems, ask a specific question and we'll be more than happy to help.
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    Default Re: Python to Java Partyguest

    Funny, Python lives or dies with (in)correct line indentation and the lack of code tags ruins the entire post ...

    kind regards,

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