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    Default Java program shipment options.

    I am not finished yet with my program, but before I do some needless operations, I am interested how to ship it to end user? Here is what came in my mind:
    1. USB stick
    2. Program.jar with all binaries
    3. MongoDB installer
    4. OpenOffice sdk
    5. install script

    But... that`s pretty user unfriendly. Can there be an install executable for Windows, snice Windows is pain in the behind. Also how to protect it from being reselled, beside I am the only one who can update it or patch it :)
    All advices will be recorded, thanks in advacne.

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    Default Re: Java program shipment options.

    Google for 'IzPack'; it's a free installer. You simply submit your .jar files, define a small XML definition for your application and let IzPack do the rest. The end user needs to have Java (the JRE) installed to be able to run IzPack (although it seems that IzPack can install the JRE itself too (but I never tried that myself)).

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