Hi Everyone,
I have a huge problem... I work as an architect/developer i a large insurance company and lately we've had huge problems with a number of our applications while using 3 Websphere Application Server 7 in a clustered environment. We have a number of problems that showed up after going from 1 server to a clustered environment. For example when operations stops on of the servers the applications loses their session. Not all the times but sometimes... and sometimes the lost sessions "reappear" after a few seconds. Almost like if the session takes a few seconds to move from one server to the other...

NOW to my dilemma... the operations department standard answer when we get these kind of errors is that:

-"Your applications is probably not JEE Compliant" come back when you are 100% sure your application is 100% JEE Compliant.

Is that a common response in your part of the world?
In that case how do you prove that your applications is 100% JEE Compliant?
Is it even possible?

The thing is that we have pretty straight forward applications that mostly fetches some data from old legacy systems, stores them in session, makes a few calls and so on. No EJB or anything like that. We've made sure on the developer side that everything we store on session implements serializable and has a SERIAL_UID but other than that I just don't know what else to check or prove!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

regards Desperate Developer