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    Default Issue with printing line

    Hi, i am having problem trying to print out a line, eg i want to print out line number 13 it will then print that line. At the moment, my code won't compile, as i keep getting the error message "cannot find symbol - variable lines"

    import java.util.*;

    public class Goto extends Commands
    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

    public Goto(Editor editor)
    super("goto", editor);

    public void execute()
    System.out.println("Line number: ");
    currentLineNumber = Integer.parseInt(keyboard.nextLine());
    System.out.println(currentLineNumber +":\t" + lines.get(currentLineNumber-1));


    when i put in List<String> lines it works but when i run the app, it gives me all sort of error, can someone help

    Thanks heapz

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    "cannot find symbol - variable lines" means that you are using a variable which has not been declared, and the compiler can't find its declaration.

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