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    Question [SOLVED] Why import isnt needed whn ref is used without storing to local variable

    Hello, Guys
    This is my first thread to the Forum....

    Consider this statement

    System.getProperties().getProperty("propertyname") ;

    for this statement import of java.util.Properties is not required, but we are using method of Properties

    but it will required for this statements.
    Properties props = System.getProperties();

    Whats the reason??


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    Java Code:
    System.getProperties().getProperty("propertyname") ;
    The System class does import java.util.Properties so it can handle this internally and return the String.
    If you want to declare a Properties type/object in your app then you must import java.util.Properties into your app to support the type.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you,
    Ohh, i just trying to find out in JLS and other books, just didnt got it...
    Its a tricky one...

    i am feeling like a dumb right now...

    Anyways, Thanks.

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