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    Default Accessing weather from internet

    Hi All i'm new to this forum(this is my first post) so first of all i'm sorry if i'm doing any mistakes...

    I wanted to access weather information using internet via any reliable website...
    which i'm using in my program
    so can any one of u please tell me how to do it... please

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Accessing weather from internet

    A college friend of mine uses Java to create a weather application, might be worth checking out: Downloads |

    Other than that, you're going to have to ask a more specific question. Which part of this is giving you trouble?
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    Default Re: Accessing weather from internet

    thanks for the reply...
    actually i wanted a sort of api classes which might be working on some server and using the methods of which i might get the weather information of a particular area and that information i might display to the user in my program....

    just to add addition info i'm on a project of creating a java chat bot app to interactively display the weather when requested by the user...

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