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    Default URGENT: Please help me with my Angry Birds game!


    I am currently making a game very similar to Angry Birds, where the player shoots a bird from a slingshot. There are no obstacles - it's just a demonstration of projectile motion. However, after I shoot the bird, I would like for it, after around a second or so (Thread.sleep(1000)), to go back to the slingshot again, where it would WAIT for another user command before it launches itself again.

    In the program I made, the bird just continues to go back to the slingshot, but launch by itself, using the old user-given parameters. Of course, this is all very hard to understand, so I have attached the entire code at the bottom. Please, take a look through it and tell me what's wrong, and how I can fix it!

    Thank you.

    Here is the file with the entire code:

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    Default Re: URGENT: Please help me with my Angry Birds game!

    Shockingly enough, this gem is crossposted: URGENT: Please help me with my code!

    If you want to be taken seriously, see the link in my signature on asking questions the smart way.
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
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    Default Re: URGENT: Please help me with my Angry Birds game!

    Here's what you have to say about how to ask questions the "smart" way:

    "Be sensitive in choosing where you ask your question. You are likely to be ignored, or written off as a loser, if you:

    1. post your question to a forum where it's off topic

    2. post a very elementary question to a forum where advanced technical questions are expected, or vice-versa

    3. cross-post to too many different newsgroups

    4. post a personal e-mail to somebody who is neither an acquaintance of yours nor personally responsible for solving your problem"

    Let's see now,

    1. I posted in a section that appears appropriate to me. Being it is my first post, if I made a mistake and this shouldn't be in the "advanced" section, then judging me as a "loser" would really just be a hasty, but false, impression of me.

    2. Refer to one. 2 is practically a subset of 1. Don't even know why it's included here.

    3. I cross-posted to only one other forum. Of course, if this is what you mean by "many", then just say "don't cross-post". Also, it's not like I'm "secretly" cross-posting to get more responses - I gave you a link to the forum which I posted this topic in. At least I was considerate enough to not re-upload my files twice and waste server resources (no matter how small they are - it's the intent that counts).

    4. No need to argue on this one.

    So, it seems that I'm not really violating much of your criteria for a "loser" post.

    Now, if you want to help teach me how to ask questions on such forums, please, consider renaming this article to something less demeaning. You give the impression that the person you're talking to is stupid when you refer them to the link in your signature.

    However, if you are judging me to be "shockingly" a loser (yes, I used sarcasm there too) because my topic begins with "URGENT" and also has the word "please" in it (who would've known that that would bite me back one day) which don't corroborate with your standards, then perhaps said standards are a bit too strict. After all, you have an entire page dedicated to such an insignificant issue. It's as simple as giving a kind response back explaining what's wrong as you yourself did on the other forum for me: URGENT: Please help me with my code!

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    Default Re: URGENT: Please help me with my Angry Birds game!

    It looks like the active discussion is in the cross-post, so lets close this one off as it is getting a bit off topic.

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