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    Default 4 dependent drop down list

    i have java class employee
    int id[];
    string name[];
    string states[]
    string cities[]
    string area[]

    i have mysql emloyee table with the values in database.i need to retreive emp name based on state city area and display it in jsp dropdown list.

    1. states:------------- .get all states from db and display in first list.

    2.cities:.............. get cities based on selection of states.

    3. Area:............... populate all area based on state and city(previous selection).

    4;employee name:....... populate all employees (from previous 3 selections).

    could you provide any link or reference on how to create dependent cascading dropdown lists.


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    Default Re: 4 dependent drop down list

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- particularly the second paragraph.

    I'm locking this thread as a duplicate of your two earlier threads. Any more multiposting and your account will be suspended.


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