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    Default Java Web Start glassfish

    Hi, all
    I have an application.
    I can start it by means of .cmd file
    @echo off
    Rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Rem ProDD start shell
    Rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    @echo Starting ProDD...
    Rem ------------------------------------------------------------ Path variables
    SET JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09"
    SET JARS_HOME="C:\apps\jars"
    Rem ----------------------------------------------------- system library
    SET CP=%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\ProDD.jar
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\ProDDServer.jar
    Rem ------------------------------------------------ application library
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\OMS.jar
    Rem ------------------------------------------------------- Oracle JDBC library
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\jdbc\ojdbc6.jar
    Rem ---------------------------------------------------------- DBF JDBC library
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\jdbf\javadbf-0.4.0.jar

    REM -------------------------------------------------------- POI Office library
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\poi\poi-3.7-20101029.jar
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\poi\poi-scratchpad-3.7-20101029.jar

    Rem --------------------------------------------------------- GlassFish library
    SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\glassfish\lib\gf-client.jar
    REM ---------------------------------------------------------------- Parameters
    SET CLASS=com.carma.ProDD.Client
    SET params=-ASServer glassfish -ASHost -ASPort 3700 -URL jdbc:oracle:thin:@ -User CARMA -Password SYSTEM -FullStore -Office oo
    REM --------------------------------------------------------------------- Start
    %JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaw.exe -ms64m -mx1024m -noverify -cp %CP% %CLASS% %params%

    It is necessary for me to start it by means of Java Web Start.
    I signed archives. Made.jnlp the file. I try to start. The JVM starts , loads resources, but the window of the program isn't started.
    Here my .jnlp file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <jnlp codebase="" href="testgf.jnlp" spec="1.0+" >



    <j2se version="1.7+" java-vm-args="-ms64m -mx1024m -noverify"/>

    <jar href="jars/dbalab/OMS.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/dbalab/ProDD.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/dbalab/ProDDServer.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/jdbf/javadbf-0.4.0.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/jdbc/ojdbc6.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/glassfish/lib/gf-client.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/poi/poi-3.7-20101029.jar"/>
    <jar href="jars/poi/poi-scratchpad-3.7-20101029.jar"/>


    <application-desc main-class="com.carma.ProDD.Client">

    I think a problem with connection to the glassfish server
    If to be connected to a database without glassfish,
    (to clean parameters
    <argument>3700</argument> )

    application works after start of .jnlp file. Prompt as it is possible to solve this problem.

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    Default Re: Java Web Start glassfish

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: Java Web Start glassfish

    Solved the issue
    It was necessary to load additional libraries glassfish from folder /modules

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