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    Question Question about encryption.

    Hello everyone, I've been reading up on some things, and I recall someone mentioning that they encrypted a jar file so it could not be opened in winrar.
    I just have a few questions on that.
    1. How exactly would you encrypt a jar?
    2. What are the benefits compared to just obfuscating?
    3. By encrypting something you must decrypt it right? So is it actually worth it?

    Sorry if this is the wrong subforum. I wasn't sure where I would put this.

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    Default Re: Question about encryption.

    jar files are a sort of zip file, so they can always be opened with standard archive software.

    The best you can do - I would of thought - is mangle the contents in some way. Of course the mangled contents still have to be loadable and runnable by the Java runtime. Ages ago I read (probably on Sun's forum) about some commercial software which came as a jar which included a custom class loader that did something tricky with the archive contents to generate the application's classes.

    You have to have a reason to bother, I would have thought. And all the software I've come across seems to have been written by people who don't consider they have such a reason.

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